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18 aprile 2019

Ashot Grigoryan recived Golden Medal "Architect Momik" from the Committee for Urban Development of the Republic of Armenia

The president of the Urban Development Committee of the Republic of Armenia, Vahagn Vermishyan, awarded the "Architect Momik" Gold Medal to the famous architect, doctor of architecture, associate professor Ashot Grigoryan.

essay about the houses with a circular plan in Italy and in Armenia

Ashot Grigoryan was the founder, in 1990, of the National museum-institute of architecture after Alexander Tamanyan and he directed its until 2016.
Currently the prof. Grigoryan holds the position of scientific secretary of the same museum.

We could remember, among the publications by prof. Grigoryan :

- "I paralleli Italo-Armeni nell'Architettura delle case abitabili a pianta circolare", with particular reference to the Trulli of Alberobello in Puglia.

- "Léon Gurekian Architect", catalog of the exhibition held in Yerevan in 2015.

- "The Pallians: A Treasure Garden of Armenian Nation" in 2017. A great study about the famous Balian family, who were Armenian architects at the court of the Sultans of Constantinople.

We remember also other essays we remember in Armenian:

- "Symbolic thought in Armenian architecture", published in Yerevan in 2005.

- the "Professional Education" manual, published in Yerevan in 2007.

- "My home is a part of nature", published in Yerevan in 2011.

- "Anthropogenic compositions", published in Yerevan in 2012.

volume sugli architetti Balian di Costantinopoli

We met with great pleasure the prof. Grigoryan, both in Yerevan and in Bari.

In our city he was the designer and creator of the splendid Khachkar near the Bari waterfront. This monument is the symbol of the suffering and rebirth of the Armenian people. Thanks to this work, thousands of people can often admire the history of the Armenian people and find out about the Armenian presence in Bari and in Apulia region.

To this wondrous monument he also added a project - not yet realized due to lack of funds - for a funeral monument worthy of our great poet Hrand Nazariantz.

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