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Il Centro Studi 'Hrand Nazariantz'

intende contribuire a:
1) diffondere la conscenza dell'opera di Hrand Nazariantz (Üsküdar 1880 ? - Bari 1962).
2) ampliare la conoscenza della cultura letteraria, artistica, musicale del Vicino Oriente Europeo e Asiatico.

info: centrostudihrandnazariantz@gmail.com


domenica 3 aprile 2016

Materials for Nagorno Karabakh

Not all of us can go and fight for the liberation of Artsakh_Kharabakh but we can all accomplish some action dedicating it to our brothers who are fighting.
If we are in Armenia we can go to donate blood, useful for our wounded soldiers, if we are away we can do something different:
Acting for Artsakh_Kharabakh is a duty for the Armenians and for all those who consider themselves friends of Liberty, Truth and Justice.
You can: Singing and dancing, praying, walking, recite poetry, play instruments, say nice phrases, take any action for the liberation of Artsakh_Kharabakh and record them, photograph them, by any istruments.
The "Hrand Studies Center Nazariantz" provides all their accounts  for the collection of these short or long materials, we deliver it to the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia to get them to have soldiers at the front and make them understand that the entire Armenian Diaspora and all those who love the Human Civilization are with them.