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domenica 16 novembre 2014

KristoBad: The New ShoesTrend in Armenia
 by Carlo Coppola

KristoBad store
in Sayat Nova 23, Yerevan
After the crisis of the 90’s  preceding the collapse of the Soviet Union, and after the years of the state reorganization before the Republic of Armenia was born, most of the Armenian manufacturing product, which is of thousands of years, is trying, in recent years, to develop and to lead the economics that has always characterized its success at the world level.

Shoes made with original design 
and recorded by the company KristoBad
The foreign capital often drives the private initiative in Armenia, sometimes of those wealthy Armenians of the Diaspora, scattered all over the world mainly after the persecution of the nineteenth century and after the Armenian Genocide of the early decades of the twentieth century. 

In some cases, however, with great sacrifices, young Armenians with extensive capacities  in the field of trade and small manufacturing production, on their own and with considerable economic efforts by themselves and their families set up companies that enrich the territory and the natural inclination present in it.

Տարվա Լավագույն ապրանքանիշ 2014 
(Best Brand of the Year) 
It is well known, for example, that the oldest shoe has been found in Armenia, sewn 5500 years ago, padded with grass, a kind of primitive fabric Hi Tech, to make them more resistant to the cold and water. The shoe was found in September 2008 during the exploration of a cave, in a very good state of preservation - thanks to a cover of organic elements.

An example of the shoes made
by the company KistoBad  
According to this extraordinary tradition and the subsequent evolution of the manufacture of men's shoe in Armenia, in 2012 was founded the company KristoBad with its twenty employers, among workers and managers, and the leaders are Armen Badalyan and Mher Kristosduryan

The owners of the company, before the foundation of the company, have traveled in the world to get specialized in trends and in more innovative processes.

Inside of KristoBad Store
in Yerevan
Armen Badalyan has been in Russia and in China for several years, and he has also been in almost  all of the European countries to study the production techniques and the company management. 

His partner Mher Kristosduryan has got specialization  in designing in Italy and especially in Milan at some well-known schools of technical and industrial design, including the IED and the Polytechnic, in order to support and enhance the talent and the technique of  designing men's shoes. 

Recently, the production has been diversified by introducing accessories and menswear such as belts and purses.

In the factory of Yerevan  different models of shoes and accessories for men are produced  in line with the most innovative trends.
The most eccentric shoes, typical to Russian fashion, and other, more classic, derived from European styles, but all with rigor and quality that make them unique for the use of the materials, processes and design.

Men's accessories designed and produced 
by the company KristoBad  
The KristoBad has an important showroom and store in the center of the Armenian capital.
The store is located in Sayat Nova street 23, where you can also find friendly and highly qualified customer support  in all phases of choice and order a product.
For discerning buyers, there is also the possibility to order shoes and objects to all measures, everything only in leather and the leather quality is guaranteed by the brand KristoBad, which in October 2014 was awarded by the Government of the Republic of Armenia with Prestigious Award Տարվա Լավագույն ապրանքանիշ (Best Brand of the Year).

you can get in touch with the company KristoBad